Smart Grid Security Innovation

As we call out on the SPARKS overview webpage, our project aims to provide innovtive solutions to ensure the cybersecurity and resilience of smart grids.  Those innovations include technological advancements, particulary through our four mini-projects: 1) intrustion detection systems for SCADA, 2) cyberattack-resilient control systems, 2) security analytics for Smart Grid, and 4) use of PUFs (Physical Unclonable Functions) in Smart Meters. But equally important are innovations in other areas, including in understanding of the legal and social implications of Smart Grid security and privacy, understanding and managing smart grid security risk, and effectively applying methodologies for architecting and developing secure smart grids.


Elesevier has just published a new book called Smart Grid Security: Innovate Solutions for a Modernized Grid, including contributions from many of the SPARKS project members, that brings together much of the initial results of the project (also available on Amazon and Google books).  As Florian Skopik and Paul Smith write in their Foreword, the book covers “a range of issues that relate to ensuring thesecurity and resilience of the smart grid.”  The second chapter, for example, provides a detailed examination of the societal impact of smart grid, not only gathering a broad set of relevant resources, but also establishing extremely valuable and innovative  insights important both to regulatory authorities and to smart grid operators. Understanding the complex threat landscape confronting the smart grid is a theme focused on in the third chapter, but returned to in many other chapters, developing a thorough-going picture of both current and future threats. The book presents innovations in processes such as risk assessment and smart grid operations management, innovations in technology such those of the SPARKS mini-projects, and innovations in responding to organizational and human needs such as education and information-sharing.

Speaking on behalf not only of the SPARKS project, but of all the contributors to the book, we hope that Smart Grid Security will provide you with new, transformative insights and understanding that will help alll of us realize a secure and resilient smart grid.