The SPARKS project directly liaises with other activities that are closely aligned with our objectives, in order to cross-fertilize results and know-how, and to carry out joint dissemination activities. Below is a list of these activities. If you wish to liaise with SPARKS, please get in touch.

The EU-funded SEGRID Project

Funded in the sameThe SEGRID Project call as SPARKS, the objective of the SEGRID project is to enhance the protection of smart grids against cyber-attacks. The project will do this by applying a risk management analysis approach to a number of smart grid use cases, which will define security requirements and determine gaps in current security technologies, standards and regulations. The identified gaps and the analysis itself will give input to the enhancement of risk assessment methodologies and the development and testing of novel security measures for smart grids.

The EU-funded HyRiM Project

The HyRiM ProjectThe main objective of the HyRiM Project is to identify and evaluate ‘Hybrid Risk Metrics’ for assessing and categorizing security risks in interconnected utility infrastructure networks in order to provide foundations for novel protection and prevention mechanisms. The project will provide utility network providers with a risk assessment tool that supports qualitative risk assessment based on numerical (quantitative) techniques. The expected impact is thus a movement away from best practice only, towards the treatment of risk in utility networks based on a sound and well-understood mathematical foundation.

The EU-funded PREEMPTIVE Project

In recent years, we have witnessed an increase in the number and impact of cyber attacks. A successful attack might affect, or even endanger, daily human activities. Multiple countermeasures have been put in place to prevent Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks, but they failed, allowing the latest generation of APT. The goal of PREEMPTIVE is to provide an innovative solution for enhancing existing methods and conceiving tools to prevent against cyber attacks, that target utility networks. PREEMPTIVE addresses the prevention of cyber attacks against hardware and software systems such as DCS, SCADA, PLC, networked electronic sensing, and monitoring and diagnostic systems used by the utilities networks.