The Queen’s University Belfast


Overview: The Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT) is a €40M innovation and knowledge centre based at Queen’s University Belfast (QUB). With over 70 research staff in information and physical security, it is the UK’s largest academic related research centre in cyber security. CSIT brings together research specialists in complementary fields including data and network security systems, wireless enabled security systems and intelligent surveillance systems. Research at CSIT targets the development of secure solutions to a number of particularly modern problems, including the protection of mobile phone networks, security and privacy in financial services and the creation of secure “corridors” for the seamless and rapid transit of people. CSIT has evolved from a number of well established, technology driven research clusters in signal, video, data, network and security processing systems at Queen’s University Belfast. CSIT has a strong track record for the creation and implementation of security technologies and systems in data and network security, high-performance crypto technologies, hardware accelerated content processors and DPI technologies, automated anomaly detection systems for networks and advanced video surveillance systems. Innovations, technologies and intellectual property developed at CSIT have been commercialised by CSIT partners for a range of advanced network security and video surveillance applications.