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Overview: SWW Wunsiedel is a modern, innovative and future-oriented municipal utility company. SWW is responsible for electricity, gas, water, heating and telecommunication supply. Overall, the SWW supplies approximately 20,000 inhabitants in Wunsiedel and beyond. Wunsiedel belongs to the Upper Franconian district in northeast Bavaria, Germany. For years, SWW and its subordinated service companies have been focussing on the consistent production, use and expansion of renewable energy and sustainable technologies (e.g. solar and wind energy, cogeneration, wood as raw material). In the future, the regionally required energy will largely be generated and consumed on the basis of renewable energy. The main midterm energy goals of the city Wunsiedel and SWW are energy self-sufficiency as well as the decoupling from the national and international energy market by synchronizing and decentralizing energy production and distribution.